The importance of sleep optimisation

The most important yet overlooked activity we do everyday is sleep. Whilst sleeping, or body restores toxins, repairs damage and reverses the effects of daily toxin exposure. A personal trainer once advised me to 'sleep like a baby' during our 12-week focus periods, i followed his advise and it did make a real difference to... Continue Reading →

Why wear computer glasses?

In today's modern world, digital screens are everywhere. We are constantly staring at TVs, computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets! Society has changed at such a rate, that our lives have been transformed digitally. We have apps that help us make purchases, automate tasks, even stream our favourite TV shows on the move. With the exponential... Continue Reading →

Shorter guys gain muscle faster

There has been a lot of articles published in the past about how Shorter Guy’s gain muscle faster, now I am not sure this has been scientifically confirmed. Even if this is partially true, then this is fantastic news for the 5’9 and under! I’m the type of guy who really enjoys all types of... Continue Reading →

Golden rules for a short winter break

Following on from my previous post, ‘What should I wear to the airport?’ I wanted to compile a short blog post dedicated to that ‘winter sun’ trip. For people that know me, they know I love a regular, short 3-4 night break to the Canary Islands throughout our grim, grey northern England winters! I feel... Continue Reading →

What should I wear to the airport?

I absolutely love airports and I have never truly understood why. It must have something to do with knowing I am about to take a journey to a new place, see new things, meet new people and hopefully escape the grey and rainy northern England, albeit for a few days! It brings me so much... Continue Reading →

Get your clothing altered

For shorter guys in the USA, it is a common known fact that there is a hidden expense when shopping, namely the ‘Tailor Tax’. With US brands focusing more on the taller and larger clientele – XL onwards, the shorter American often has to visit their local tailor to alter their clothing, which comes with... Continue Reading →

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