Dating a shorter guy

Dating a Shorter Guy
An honest opinion from a tall woman’s perspective

Dating a shorter guy is becoming more common nowadays, but such couples- taller girl, shorter guy- still attract a fair number of glances when they’re out.

Sadly, there are still a lot of people who ridicule short guys and tall women dating. The tips below can help you adjust to this reality but remember one important thing; if you care more for what people think rather than your date, the relationship won’t lead anywhere.

Make sure that you are both comfortable and confident being who you are. Dating a short guy can make you feel extremely self-conscious. It can also be very bad on a guy’s ego because a lot of people with feel bad for you… not him. They think you’ve got the short straw in the deal – no pun intended.

What other people think won’t affect your relationship if you both possess self-confidence, if you are happy as you are then you won’t care what others say.

Be open with each other about the height issue, if there is one!

Don’t ignore the fact that you are dating a shorter guy, for that matter, neither of you should avoid discussing the height issue. The issue will never go away unless one of you suddenly gets shorter or taller! Learn from other similar relationships. Learning about their experiences will give you the courage and inspiration to get over the height issue. If other people can do this, surely you can too?

Dating a short guy won’t always be smooth-sailing, but when will any relationship be a trouble-free experience? There are many ways to get over peoples prejudice, the best one is by being yourself. You need to be completely honest with each other regarding the height difference between you. Would it make him feel better if you avoided wearing high heels, or many alternate wearing heels and flats date-by-date? A compromise is a great solution.

Talk about what you should say when someone politely, rudely or casually comments about the height difference, should you respond with humour, by ignoring or facing this head on? Remember anger is never the response, behaviour breeds behaviour.

Be supportive to your guy.

In the end, however, it’s most likely that dating a shorter guy will not be as hard for you as it is for him, but what you must remember is everybody has insecurities, and if you talk about it and work together as a team, you will eventually overcome them.

– A taller woman.

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