Dating a short guy

Dating taller women- from a short guy’s perspective.

There are a lot of articles online about dating short guys, some are humorous, some are informative, but mostly none are written by a short guy. You can read in my previous post what it is like from a tall female’s perspective, but today this is from my experience.

I am short, 5’7” as it goes, almost 30 years old and dated in my younger years. I even once created the UK’s first double dating website in a bid to revolutionise the dating scene, it didn’t work out and this is a story for another day.

Like most young people, I was insecure during my dating years, confident I may add, but insecure about my height and skinny build.

Before I changed my look, my fashion sense was appalling; I wore baggy clothes, lots of jogging bottoms, sportswear and ill-fitted shirts. I now believe that this was the sense of my insecurity as my clothing choice did not compliment my body shape and height.

Most of my friends are taller than me, averaging around the 6 foot mark, but this never stopped me dating or talking to girls, because I used my other strengths, and I feel this is where most short guys fail.

The key is to be yourself and use your other strengths away from your height, unless you miraculously grow, you’re always going to be short I am afraid!

I have created the following points in my experience, to dating as a shorter guy, give it a try;

  • Firstly have confidence in yourself to take a chance, nothing tried nothing gained!
  • Be first to introduce yourself/your group to the girl/ group of girls
  • Use confident, bold body language – this is a great book for tips
  • Smile and laugh, happiness is infectious
  • Use your strengths, if you are funny, be funny, girls love to laugh!
  • Dress sharp, dress to your body type, girls love a well-dressed man
  • Boots/ Heeled shoes are a great inch-builder
  • Accessorise- a nice watch maybe, or a belt that matches your shoes
  • Your short, make it known, make a joke about it, your carefree!
  • Self-depreciation is sometimes a powerful tool when used correctly
  • Be a good listener, whilst also have the ability to hold a conversation
  • If a girl towers you in high heels, compliment her, she may be as insecure as you are at this point!
  • Notice a girls dress sense, accessories, or common interests
  • Be graceful in rejection, sometimes it is not meant to be

You don’t have to be tall dark and handsome to date the girl of your dreams, just be yourself, use your strengths and if she can’t accept who you are, is it ever going to work?

Have you dated girls who are taller than you? What’s your experience, I am keen to hear you thoughts – get in touch or comment below.

2 thoughts on “Dating a short guy

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  1. Good advice. I am 5’8″ and married to woman who is 6’3″.

    Very tall women can be as insecure as us short guys. Confidence, humour and being yourself go a long way.


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