Street Fashion

Welcome to Street Fashion; the corner of the site dedicated to on-the-street fashion, short celebrity reviews, guest blogging and Interviews.

A big part of this section is dedicated to shorter guys (and gals) who I have bumped into whilst out and about and immediately admired something about them; be it something they are wearing or how they express themselves. I have gained their approval to take a few pics and complete a little interview, to get to know them a bit better in the few minutes that our worlds have collided.

There are a few reasons why I do this; firstly, I believe the best thing in life we have at our disposal is our ability to communicate, which we have totally taken for granted. If you look how far we have developed in the millions of years that homo sapiens have been around, we have adapted from being muted hunter gatherers, to working in offices and having the ability to gossip and share ideas with each other. Unfortunately these days if you stopped somebody in the street and asked them how they were? Or where they were going? You would be looked upon as strange, which I think is sad, but I suppose that is the way of the world.

So how is everybody today!?? Hello, Anybody?!

As my career has taken me all over the UK, spending many a night alone in a hotel room, I have been lucky enough to hear so many amazing and inspiring stories from people at the hotel bar or in the fitness room, ignited by swapping a simple ‘Hello’. People sometimes mock my Grandfather [who stands at 5’5”so is eligible for our prestigious club!] for having the ability to talk a glass eye to sleep.

The eyes have it … Hiroshi Sugimoto: 50 Glass Eyes. Courtesy of Hiroshi Sugimoto
No I wasn’t sleeping, I was just resting my glass eye…

Personally, I think this is a brilliant trait to have. Having the
confidence to talk to strangers is what he passed down the genetic tree, via my mum, to me, and I thank him for it. It’s helped me in my social life; for example, how to make friends, expand my network, talk to girls, hold a conversation and make people laugh, which if I am honest, are definitely some of my best characteristics.

‘Of course I can talk to girls, i do it all the time…all the time!’

It has also most certainly helped me to progress my career. Having the confidence, and sometimes cheek, to be selfish with my development; build relationships, negotiate, present myself well in interviews and use positive body language, is all down to effective communication – something we will look more detailed into at a later date, here.

I love hearing the old story tellers explaining what they have achieved in their lives. The sad part is; that when we die, we take these stories with us never to be heard again!

“During the war”… RIP Uncle Albert, a fine teller of stories

Secondly, to bring the tone back up to happier thoughts, I like to stop and speak with people as there are millions and millions of people living on our little island, and I think it’s great that we all have our different opinions, fashion, beliefs and ideas; it’s what makes life so interesting.
So I like to gain their approval to share these with the wider world. Knowledge is power people!

This provides a little bit of detail of what goes on in the Street Fashion section, to which I encourage you to get involved and send me your stories or ideas.



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