Winter dog walking style tips

Twice a day (Sometimes three), every day, including Christmas day I walk our four legged friend. Every morning he wakes me up, hitting me in the head with his “you’ve had enough sleep now”, face. And everyday around 6pm he decides that the time is right to jump up at me until I give in, and go for a walk.

Goooood morning dad, wake up now please?!

I’m quite lucky, I live a few minutes stroll away from miles and miles of fields and ponds. If this was Surrey, there would be people taking pictures of how wonderful it is and uploading their ‘I love nature faces’ to Instagram, but this is the ex-coal mines of The North, so nobody actually cares apart from the local dog walking community!


Look mum, a pond… in Wigan! Can we go…. pretty please?!?!

I love walking the dog and socialising with the ‘dogs friends’ and their owners, who have now managed to become my friends!

Just because dog walkers are out in every season and weather condition known to man, doesn’t mean you can’t look fashionable, especially on a budget. On the flip side, just because you walk your dog, doesn’t mean you have to buy £150 Hunter wellington boots, just to walk for 15 minutes round the tarmacked streets of London!


There is nothing more I like to see when I am out than a well-dressed dog walker, rather than the usual ‘jogging bottoms and scruffy old jacket’ look.

Personally, I am a big fan of Barbour jackets but unfortunately for me and the rest of the shorter community, Barbour concentrate their efforts on the XL Man with the XL budget.

So I follow some simple style tips, in the colder seasons, wear dark matching colours and ensure that my full outfit will never go above £50, given I am going to be covered in mud most of the year!

Here is where you can buy the everyday use £50, dog-walking outfit on the high street;
Green/ Blue Wellington boots – Sports direct – £7
Dark Navy Chino trousers – Primark – £12
Grey hooded jumper – Topman – £12
Army Style weatherproof outer jacket- Primark – £15
Dark Blue woolly hat – H&M – £4

Hi, thanks for dropping by…. do you have any treats?!


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