Ant and Dec style review

So as another series of ‘I’m a Celebrity- get me out of here’ or, ‘The Jungle’, as its more commonly known up North, is coming to an end for another year, I don’t think there has been a more apt time to speak about short guy fashionconsidering Ant & Dec are presenting!

With Dec standing at 5’6” and Ant dwarfing him at 5’8”, this makes them perfect for review by The Shorter Guy!… and with me standing proudly at 5’7”, this puts me bang in the middle, so I like to believe I can relate with them, and add in the fact that I have also presented in front of the camera a few times in a light-hearted style, what I am really saying is; Ant & Dec, if you’re looking for a third guy to expand your duo then I’m your man, albeit I have far less hair!

must admit I really enjoy their friendly and likeable presenting style, and whilst I don’t know what they are like off the camera, I have never read a bad word about them and I think this reflects in their happy-go-lucky confidence on screen.

I have also never seen them snapped in Heat Magazine wearing their scruffs in the ‘just nipping to the shop for a pint of milk’ style- which tells me they have great fashion sense and take this serious- or that they have been advised not to, as this does not display the well-dressed externally confident style they are accustomed to, which reflects their brand.

“Just nipping for some milk love”

They are always extremely well dressed, I appreciate they will probably have fashion designers which the average Joe like me and you does not have access to, but you will regularly find the pair in outfits that follow the same theme, which The Shorter Guy can learn from;

If you Google Image search Ant & Dec, you will find yourself emerged in a sea of dark colour! In fact, you will have to scrutinise each page to find any colour screaming out at you, unless you are looking at their alter ego PJ & Duncan– which is fashion that should certainly be left in the 90s!

PJ & Duncan in brighter days!

The duo are commonly found in Dark and Monochromatic colour schemes – which is a golden rule for looking and feeling a bit taller if this is something that is important to you.

Also worth pointing out is that their dark colour range allows them to add boots or high-heeled shoes to their outfit, creating the image that they are taller than they actually are. Because the dark colours are easy on the eye and nothing jumps out at you, the high-heels commonly go unnoticed.

Stranded in the jungle requires a high degree of fashion

Tonight’s episode is no different for the guys – both dressed in dark blue, Antlooking more relaxed with the bomber style over-shirt. If I am honest, this is not something I would personally go for because as I have a thin neck, so I prefer crew style t-shirts rather than polo shirts, especially when wearing small or collarless over garments. This preference goes back to the days of baggy t-shirts, when you could see my collarbones because I was that thin, which made me very self-conscious.

Courtesy of ITV – I’m a celebrity, get me out of heeeerreeeee!

Decon the other hand, you can see from the picture above that the buttons on his over-shirt matches the khaki trousers, something that I think really tops off the smart/ casual outfit and is certainly something that I would go for. Note the shirt is fitted and does not go too far past his belt mark, so doesn’t drown his legs, which would make him appear smaller to the viewer.

I think this is a great starting point for some quick and simple short guy fashion tips, wearing dark or monochromatic colours with nicely fitted garments can go a very long way.

Thanks for reading, I think Ant and Dec are a great example of getting the best out of dark colour! I welcome your comments, feedback and ideas about the site – just get in touch on the contact page.



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