Shorter Guy – Martin Freeman

martin freeman1

There are certain things I look forward to each year. Such as the end of winter and that first warm day, golfing season (I am a fair weather golfer!), and my yearly obsession with watching back to back episodes of “The Office” (UK). After experiences of working in real offices, I love the way this program has captured the genuine awkwardness, the little idiosyncrasies, and the genuine sadness of Tim Canterbury’s life.

Tim, played by Martin Freeman, is a 30-year old sales rep for paper merchant Wernham Hogg, has no passion for the role and has a seemingly unhappy life. He does however possess, a self-deprecating and ironic sense of humour, something that I love. I can see a bit of myself in Tim, as I love self-depreciation, and a genuine frustration of office environments.

tim office
Yes, my Dad game me this tie

Martin Freeman plays the role excellently, so good in fact, that his career since has took him to the heavy heights of Hollywood. Martin is a Shorter Guy, standing at 5’ 6”, which surprises a lot of people given the roles that he has been cast (apart from The Hobbit that is!) One of the reasons that Martin appears taller is not a wizard trick, it’s through having an exceptional taste in style, and wearing clothes that match his body type.

martin freeman2
Here is a photo of Martin at a recent film event, you can see that he is using monochromatic colours which makes him appear taller.

There are no sharp clashes in colours to draw you eye to, all the colours are dark and generate a smooth transition from head to toe.

This is the second most important tip for Shorter Guys, dress monochromatically, allow your colours to transition smoothly.





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