5 simple style tips for men- How to look taller

5 simple style tips for men- How to look taller

1. The easiest way to look taller – Stand up straight!

It was only a few years ago at the age of 26, when I saw a photo of me that was taken side on, that I realised that my posture is absolutely terrible. I must lose at least 2 inches of height with my crooked neck!

So I took positive steps to correct this and I have been improving my posture every day.

Here is a great video on how to correct your posture with 1 minute a day.

2. Dress monochromatically

The second most important style tip for the shorter guy, dress monochromatically.

This simply means taking great care when choosing your colours, avoiding colour clashes means avoiding breaking the body line!


3. Accessorise smaller

We love to accessorise, be it a nice watch, bag or hat. However it is important to keep your accessories small and in proportion. Yes, we all dream of that expensive Rolex, but not when it buries your wrist and pulls you down to one side!

So accessorise smaller – don’t let peoples eyes get drawn to large items!

Yes, I have made it!

4. Most importantly – wear clothes that fit!

The most important style guide for shorter men – wear clothes that fit. There is nothing worse than seeing a shorter guy drowning in ill-fitting clothes.

If this means investing £10 in going to a tailor to get your trousers hemmed, or shirt shortened, trust me, it will work.

In fitted clothing you will  appear taller and more importantly, you will feel confident and amazing inside!

5. Download this free guide

Click here

Putting focus into my appearance changed my life, it inspired me to create this site for the Shorter Guy.

More importantly it made me more confident so I created the guide in the hope it can do the same for you!



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