Positive body language to help display confidence

One of my favourite books is “What everyBODY is saying” by Joe Navarro, who is not only a career long FBI investigator and interviewer, but also a Cuban immigrant who arrived in the USA without knowing any English. Joe quickly realised that no matter what our culture, race or language there is no hiding from the non-verbal communication that the human limbic brain provides as instinct. Hence the name – body language. Highly trained actors are skilled in mimicking this language, which allows them to be thrown in to any role with any emotion, and trick you into believing that they are genuinely feeling this emotion by using the correct body language.

When I worked in Sales and was travelling on business a lot, displaying positive body language and confidence were key to the role so I put a lot of research and practice over a number of years, here are 5 quick techniques that worked well for me;

  1. Look in to the feet, not around the feet, but at the feet!
    The Feet are the most important giveaway for body language, and the last thing that people train to mask their emotion!feet 1
  2. Steeple
    Steeple hands when presenting, this displays you have total confidence in what you are saying
  3. A big thumbs up!
    Ensure thumbs are out of the pocket, not in. Thumbs in pocket displays negativity and weakness

4. Look out for micro expressions
These are tiny little movements in the face that cannot lie, for example, a micro second of nose snarling may display dislike to something.


5. Stand tall
Standing tall, speaking loud and slowly helps generate confidence massively, opens up your diaphragm and allows you to stay in control.

Stay positive!


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