Answered: What should I wear in the gym?

All of my life I have been short and very skinny; up until the age of 21 before I joined a gym you could see my ribcage when I took my top off. This affected my confidence, A LOT! I sometimes wore 2 t-shirts under a jumper to try and look bulkier than I was, safe to say it didn’t fool anybody, let alone me.

Me at the age of 15 can you believe!
 Me at the age of 15 can you believe, you could play a xylophone on those ribs!


On holiday I rarely took my t-shirt off, which meant I usually had a pretty crappy holiday! It really did cripple my confidence and self-esteem and I can totally appreciate how being underweight can affect your happiness and wellbeing as much as being overweight.

It took me until the age of 21 to do something about it, so I joined a gym and hit the weights and put focus into what food I was putting into my body, and I managed to build a bit of muscle and I was told I looked quite good on a few occasions.

More importantly, it made me feel good mentally. I must confess however, that for years I would go to the gym in baggy jogging bottoms and any old t-shirt or hoody and thought I would look cool. It is only now that I put a great deal of thought into what I am wearing and look back, that I realise the baggy joggers ‘Rocky’ look, only looks good on Rocky and not a 5’7” skinny guy!

adam sandler
Even Adam Sandler cant pull the look off!

All the gear no idea….

A fantastic saying ‘all the gear no idea’, is not always applicable. For example with Golf, if you spend thousands on the latest clubs and outfits, and can’t drive a ball further than the tee, then you’re in danger of looking daft!

However, with the gym or fitness activities such as running, CrossFit or weightlifting etc. I do feel that ‘all the gear no idea’ has little relevance here, I feel it’s important to feel good.

I have trained on my own, with friends and at group training sessions, and we all agree that wearing the correct gym clothing, for some strange reason, makes us train harder. There must be some psychological reason that I will investigate some day!

At a recent group training session, group classes are tough but rewarding!


Of course It is important to dress within your body limits, so if you are overweight try to stay clear from skin tight under armour gear, but you can still look very good in other under armour gear (or other branded gym wear), just go for one of the less skin-tight styles. If your underweight, reverse it, so steer clear of loose and baggy gear, and go for something much more fitted.

For me, there is nothing worse than seeing somebody in the gym wearing dirty old clothes, their workwear or real ill-fitting outfits. If you look good, you will feel good, you will train harder and achieve your goals faster.

Excuse me, you have a piece of cotton hanging out of your shorts, oh sorry it’s your legs…..

When it comes to shorts- follow the same advice, if you have skinny legs like me, then drop down a size and go for the better fitted shorts.

Better still, try dropping down to Extra Large Boys (XLB/ XL Youth) , which are commonly still a large waist – 28” onwards – and not at all tight on the old gut. The leg sizes on these shorts are way better fitting than small men’s are, which sometimes make you look like a kite flapping in the wind (if you have legs like mine!)

Don’t be embarrassed, it’s better to wear clothes that fit your figure, rather than just go for small men’s just because the tag tells you its best for you!!


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