Get your clothing altered

For shorter guys in the USA, it is a common known fact that there is a hidden expense when shopping, namely the ‘Tailor Tax’.

With US brands focusing more on the taller and larger clientele – XL onwards, the shorter American often has to visit their local tailor to alter their clothing, which comes with an XL price tag for the pleasure, on average 25% of the garment price.

This practice is not so common in the UK for various reasons, however, my aim is to help change this and I personally challenge you to go and get one piece of clothing altered to fit you better!

tailor store
A recent photo in Northern England.

More commonly known as ‘clothing alteration stores’ on this side of the pond, rather than tailors, they are situated on most high streets, markets, shopping centres and even train stations, yet I don’t know two people who have ever visited these hidden gems.

Having clothes that flatter your body type is the number one style tip for shorter guys, and let me tell you, these stores will allow you to get just that, a really personal service on a relatively small budget.
tailor shop 2

It is not uncommon to hear of jackets being sold for hundreds of pounds, the average off the rail business suit is currently retailing at £350, and denim jeans can range from anywhere between £30 & £200 depending on the brand, I am sure you will agree this is not short change to the average you and me!?

We pay all this money in the hope of pleasure, we want to look good and feel good which can lead to more confidence, yet sometimes the garments we buy are too long, too wide, too tight or baggy and can be a complete waste of money.

tailor shop 4

If we take a jacket for example, say it costs £150 and doesn’t fit right. You absolutely love the jacket but there is that niggling feeling of it being just a little too baggy when the wind blows (we have all had that feeling!).

I challenge you to this…Take it to your local store and you can have it altered for around £11-15, a mere 7-10% of the jacket price. Post alteration, the jacket will fit perfect, your niggling feeling will be no more, you will feel more confident and more importantly it will flatter your unique body type.

Joan working on my ever demanding needs


You can have everything altered, from jackets, jeans, trousers, shirts to even hats!

My local tailor Joan, understands my need to alter most of my clothing so much that so she now provides a large discount, fantastic quality, a personalised service and I have a great relationship with her after visiting her store for the past few years.

So take the tailor challenge, take one item, have it altered and guarantee that you will not regret it! Look forward to your feedback.


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