What should I wear to the airport?

I absolutely love airports and I have never truly understood why.

It must have something to do with knowing I am about to take a journey to a new place, see new things, meet new people and hopefully escape the grey and rainy northern England, albeit for a few days! It brings me so much joy being in an airport that I almost enjoy paying double for items, smiling as I get minimal change from a fiver for a cup of coffee!

We are lucky to live in the age of travel, and I believe even more lucky to live in the age of budget travel; where one can pick up a return flight from Manchester to Europe for as little as £24 return!

budget flights
There blimin’ giving em’ away!

I am also fortunate to have a job that allows me to travel, with enough spare days off to take a trip here or there across Europe for a few nights, to take in some new culture and refresh myself. One thing that confuses me is why men lose their dress sense when they are going the airport? I see a lot of guys in jogging bottoms, hoodies and the fabled ‘tracksuit bottoms and football jersey’ outfit, which I feel should be banned!

will grigg
Please no! I am terrified of your fashion!

So what should you wear to the airport? In my experience, the better you dress, the better experience you will have. I have been upgraded on flights a few times and I believe it was down to the way I was dressed. Even when flying on budget airlines such as Ryanair or Easyjet, I have been asked if I would like the fire exit seat with extra legroom, which is always a bonus on those 5 hours Tenerife flights!

Me and Mrs Shorter at a recent trip in Manchester Airport

Whether it is a summer break with the family, or a business trip to Belfast, I always go for the smart casual look.

There are two options I usually go for, if I am travelling on business or with the family, I go for some chinos, shirt and blazer for comfort and convenience (as photo above)

If I am travelling with friends, such as a golfing trip , I would go for jeans and a t-shirt and focus on accessories, the nice watch and travel bag that would really top off my outfit. Check out this post from the idleman.com on travel bags and matching outfits – https://theidleman.com/manual/advice/best-mens-bags-work-travel-gym/

With me being an uneasy flyer, at least when I am dressed well at least I appear confident!

Happy travels,


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