Golden rules for a short winter break

Following on from my previous post, ‘What should I wear to the airport?’ I wanted to compile a short blog post dedicated to that ‘winter sun’ trip.

For people that know me, they know I love a regular, short 3-4 night break to the Canary Islands throughout our grim, grey northern England winters! I feel really fortunate to do this, which it is partly down to low cost flights from my local airports and mostly down to my love of planning and being in the sun, I spend an awful amount of time planning – but this is a story for another day.

I find it sometimes difficult to know what to pack for a 3-4 night, hand luggage-only trip to the Canaries for various reasons. How sunny will it be? Will it be breezy and cold at night? What if it rains? Here are a few tips on how to make the most out of your short winter break.

  1. Don’t over pack
    The golden rule of short ‘hand luggage only’ breaks. The advantage of the short break is the ability to take hand luggage only, skip check-in and go straight to security.

    Over packing will ruin this and you may be basked to check your bag on board, wasting valuable waiting at the carousel for your bag – why is it always last?! Be ruthless when packing, will you really need that 4th t-shirt and 5th pair of shorts?

    travel bag
    You’d be amazed what can fit in a travel bag!
  2. Take a light jumper
    Many a time I have been caught out by holiday excitement, going to the airport in a blazer and not packing a light jumper! Yes it may be 25 degrees in the day, but at night in winter temperatures can drop to a chilly 11 degrees, too cold for the shorts and t-shirt combo!

    However, always remember point 1- don’t over pack, a single jumper will suffice for this short trip!

    9am in the morning, March, just chilly enough for the light jumper!
  3. 100ml toiletries
    Sort these before you go! If you go to the local superstore they sell 100ml bottles of all your favourite brands.

    Don’t waste valuable time or money purchasing these when you get there.

  4. Book transfers in advance
    Check our resorthoppa, holiday taxis or any other leading transfer site, don’t jump in a taxi on arrival is this could double the cost.

    If you are really fiscal, check out the local bus services from the airport, for as little as 6 Euros per person, it can take you to the town centre of your chosen destination.

  5. Get up early!
    On a short break, you want to maximise the time, so set your alarm clock for an hour earlier than you would like to.

    Yes, the first 5 minutes may be a negative daze where you are desperate to get back into bed, but after this you will feel great.

    There is no better feeling than having accomplished a lot and it isn’t even 11am yet.

    A beautiful Gran Canarian sunrise at 8am

    Happy holidays!

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