Shorter guys gain muscle faster

There has been a lot of articles published in the past about how Shorter Guy’s gain muscle faster, now I am not sure this has been scientifically confirmed. Even if this is partially true, then this is fantastic news for the 5’9 and under!

I’m the type of guy who really enjoys all types of fitness and sports; I enjoy weight training, playing squash, football, cardio or even just running with the dog. There is just something I really enjoy about beating my yesterday. If I can add 2.5kg onto the bar, beat my opponent by one set more, or running further than the day before, I always feel great after it and feel like I have beaten my best. I think the amount of cardio I put in doesn’t help me build muscle, and I probably don’t eat as much as I should for somebody who is often complaining I am not as muscly as I used to be! But there was a time in my life in my mid-twenties that I was weight lifting crazy, and I got in some great shape!

However I do firmly believe that we shorter guys have more of an advantage to visually build muscle quicker, than say, somebody who is 6’2”. I say visually because there may be absolutely no proof that we can build muscle quicker, but at least visually it looks like we can.

If a shorter guy at 5’7” and a taller 6’1” both add 10lbs of muscle in the same timeframe, than surely we appear like we have more muscle? Because we are shorter, are arms and legs are more likely to be shorter and so the muscle is more compact, hence at least looking bigger, quicker!

The point is I doubt there is scientific proof that shorter guys gain muscle faster! Biologically we are all different no matter what are height, what we put into are bodys varies, our diets are different so therefore are our energy level and ability to push ourselves. However, if it appears that we build muscle quicker, then so be it, let’s use it to our advantage, right!


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