Why wear computer glasses?

In today’s modern world, digital screens are everywhere. We are constantly staring at TVs, computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets!

Society has changed at such a rate, that our lives have been transformed digitally. We have apps that help us make purchases, automate tasks, even stream our favourite TV shows on the move. With the exponential rise in social media, more often than not we find ourselves lying in bed at night gazing into our phones, which results in frustration when we cant fall sleep!

In the common workplace, we stare at screens for the majority of the day and even non-office staff now have smart technology to assist with tasks which requires the use of digital screens.

Anybody who has worked shifts will know that your rest and recuperation in between shifts is priceless (and rightly so!), yet I found come the end of my shift, despite working a 12-hour day it was near impossible to drift off to sleep. This then had a knock on effect for our next shift, where I was turning up the next day tired, frustrated, and drinking coffee by the pint.

I started researching why this was happening; which is where we stumbled across blue-light.

On the light spectrum, Blue-light has a very short wavelength, meaning it produces a higher amount of energy; thus boosting attention, reaction times and mood. It’s emitted by the bucket-load by digital screens, and there have been more studies into it than you can shake a stick at – the general concensus being that over time, exposure to the blue end of the light spectrum can cause serious long term damage to your eyes.

The body is naturally programmed to produce melatonin (sleep hormones) when it starts to get dark outside, and on the flip side, produce hormones such as cortisol to wake you up when it senses daylight. If you chuck in the artificial light emitted by digital screens, your body starts to get confused: it’s dark outside, yet it’s light in my room?!

The answer to all this? Computer glasses.

Computer glasses filter out the harmful blue-light by increasing the colour contrast of the screen, and I found almost immediately after trialing a pair that these were the real deal.

Come the end of shifts after wearing these for its duration, I had no problem falling straight to sleep and our dry, stinging eyes were a thing of the past.

I trialled a pair with my partners, as she often experienced similar problems after being on their tablets and smartphones before bed. The results? Identical.

If any of our experiences ring true with your own; countless screens, sore eyes, sleep issues – then do yourself a favour and look no further than computer glasses –found here.

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