The importance of sleep optimisation

The most important yet overlooked activity we do everyday is sleep.

Whilst sleeping, or body restores toxins, repairs damage and reverses the effects of daily toxin exposure. A personal trainer once advised me to ‘sleep like a baby’ during our 12-week focus periods, i followed his advise and it did make a real difference to my training regime – I felt fitter and stronger than ever.

Sleep deprivation is one of the main contributors to poor health. I am sure you have felt that zombie like feeling of not getting enough sleep the night before.

The following quick tips can help you optimise your sleeping pattern and allow you to wake up refreshed and ready to attack the day. (p.s. the answer is not caffeine!)

• Computer/ Blue-light glasses

I did a blog about the importance of these glasses and how the dangerous exposure to blue light effects us, in my previous blog post here

• Implement a ‘no-smart device’ rule before bedtime

Try giving it a shot – one hour before bedtime, set your alarms, text that goodnight text and go and place your phone in its resting spot until the morning. Not only will you not be affect by the blue light (above), but by not checking your notifications/ work emails etc. your stress levels will naturally fall.

• Think back to a time where you have received a negative work email at night that has absolutely ruined your sleep!

• Try a band with in-built sleep tracking

Track your nightly sleep to determine the amount of time you spend in deep sleep vs REM vs light sleep. Track your resting heart rate and when you reach your lowest core temperature. This information will help you determine the most appropriate time to eat before sleep and what activities are best for optimum restoration.

• Have a glass of water at the side of you for the minute you wake up
Think about the amount of water you have been drinking whilst awake, now imagine if you didn’t drink a drop for 8-9 hours, how would you feel?

Aiming for that 8-9 hours sleep, its important to down that litre of water the moment you wake up, re-hydrating your body and getting your body and its organs moving.

And Finally…

• Try Salt, Water and Lemon (forget coffee!)
From one of my favourite self-help books, “The Miracle Morning– the recipe is also found on this site here.

After waking up, forget caffeine and coffee, there are enough electrolytes and minerals in this drink to get you motivated – use Himalayan salt as it is far less processed and less toxic than your traditional table salt. It also provides you with more electrolytes and minerals than average salts.

Remember the importance of sleep optimisation, we would love to hear your results!

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