My name is Jon and I was inspired to create the site to provide a forum for fashion, confidence and advice for ‘The Shorter Guy’.

As a late twenty something shorter guy, I stopped growing at the 5’7″ mark, so I guess the inspiration for the site came not only from the obvious, but also from years of self-loathing about height, before I had the confidence to use this to become one of my biggest strengths.

Aside to this, finding the right clothing range to suit a guy with my height and build became a real nightmare and online shopping was totally out of the question!

Years of wearing ill-fitted clothing totally affected my confidence, body language and non-verbal communication which for me, on top of my northern accent and skinny build (my life isn’t reading too great, right?!), was affecting my social life and hindering my career progression, or so I thought.

“I wish I was tall… then I will be successful” – The old me

To use the old age saying; ‘It is what it is’, we cannot control our genetics but we can control what we do with them!

I once foolishly believed that my taller friends were more outgoing and my taller colleagues were more successful in business – I was too small to be taken serious. But believe me I was wrong, really wrong.

So I created the site to give the shorter guy like me a place to share ideas, provide fashion tips and gain the confidence you need (should you need it!). There are lots of sites on the net that tell us the best things to wear to look and feel taller, the usual generic advices, but this is not one of those; this is a site to embrace your height and how to use your best features to embrace confidence and look good!

Written by people just like me and you, the average guy on the street, just a bit shorter!

Enjoy the site and please get in touch, I welcome you to share your feedback, ideas and stories.

P.s don’t forget to download your free how to dress taller guide from here


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