Body language

One of my favourite books is “What everyBODY is saying” by Joe Navarro, who is not only a career long FBI investigator and interviewer, but also a Cuban immigrant who arrived in the USA not knowing any English.

whateverybody is saying

Joe quickly realised by observing people, that no matter what our culture, race or language, there is no hiding from the non-verbal communication that the human limbic brain provides as raw instinct. Hence the name – body language.

Highly trained actors are skilled in mimicking this language, which allows them to be thrown in to any role with any emotion, and trick you into believing that they are genuinely feeling this emotion by using the correct body language.

This book was highly useful when I was working in high-value and complex sales, negotiating contracts worth millions of pounds in value, allowing me to display high confidence and positivity under some real pressure.

look in to my hands, not around the hands

After spending years travelling on the road, at meetings, airports and train stations, I absolutely love watching people and try study their mannerisms and body language, I find it completely fascinating but it also helps me in more ways than one.

In this section I will be posting about the differences in positive and negative body language, and how this can help you appear and feel confident. And believe me, its not solely about the face!

World leaders and CEO’s are masters of fashion, however more importantly body language, so lets understand what they are really saying!

You can purchase the book by clicking the link here.



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