Famous Short men


In all honesty, I am not one to idolise celebrities, saying that, I do have a lot of respect for guys who have used their skills to become worldwide celebrities or be best of their trade, be it sport, music or acting, so hat’s off to them!

On another truth, being short isn’t easy, the media is against us. You may have read the usual yearly news jargon that taller men make more money, are more successful and have better lives, but this is nonsense!

Yes, sometimes it can be tough being short, however hopefully the list can inspire you to never give up on your dreams. Whether your dream is to become a global music artist or simply get the promotion at work, plan properly, never give up, and never put failures down to height!

The list is jam packed with leaders, sports stars, musicians and very successful, short celebrities.

They have all done fantastic things in their lives; yes, they are Short, but millions of people still look up to them!

Name Nationality Height Famous for
Simon Cowell British 5’8″ Global TV superstar, creator of ‘X-Factor’, ‘Britain’s got Talent’, Syco Records & 1D!
Ricky Hatton British 5’7″ The ‘Hitman Hatton’, British 2-time world champion Boxer and man of the people
Rob Burrows British 5’5″ Leeds Rugby League Professional in a sport dominated by giants!
Daniel Radcliffe British 5’5″ Actor, played Harry Potter in the largest grossing film series ever
Josh Widdecombe British 5’7″ British comedian & TV presenter
Tom Cruise American 5’7″ One of the world’s best known film stars
Ant McPartlin British 5’8″ Ant’, one half of ‘Ant & Dec’, TV presenter
Declan Donnelly British 5’6″ Dec, the other half of ‘Ant & Dec’, TV presenter
Joe Swash British 5’7″ TV presenter and Actor, once starred in EastEnders
Winston Churchill British 5’6″ Politician, leader and wartime Prime Minister of UK
Bruno Mars American 5’5″ American Singer, “Wanna be a Billionaire” – Don’t we all!
Prince American 5’2″ Singer/ Global superstar, sold over 150 Million albums worldwide
Danny Divito American 5’0″ Famous for being an Actor, Director and for being short with a LARGE persona!
Sylvester Stallone American 5’7″ Actor, famous for Rocky & Rambo – Pretends he is more than 5’7″ but evidence says otherwise!
Tinchy Stryder British 5’3″ Rapper & Grime Artist from London
Woody Allen American 5’5″ Nominated for 24 Academy awards and one of the best actors in the world
Robin Williams American 5’7″ The legend of many faces, Peter Pan, Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Will Hunting.
Kevin Hart American 5’2″ Stand-up Comedian and Actor, ‘The Wedding Ringer’ etc.
George Formby British 5’2″ “When I’m Cleaning Windows”, Ukele player, once a global superstar from Wigan!
Alan Sugar British 5’5″ Businessman, more recently known in the UK for ‘The Apprentice’
Elton John British 5’7″ Sold over 300 Million records worldwide, including 90’s most selling, ‘Candle in the wind’
Manny Pacquiao Filipino 5’7″ Boxer, fought in the largest grossing match vs Floyd Mayweather. Also Filipino politician
Jonah Hill American 5’7″ Actor, critically acclaimed films like ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ & ’21 Jump Street’
Ralph Lauren American 5’6″ Designer, namesake of ‘Ralph Lauren’ & ‘Polo’ brands
Louie Walsh Irish 5’7″ Music producer, creator of bands like Westlife, more recently an X-factor Judge
Peter Kay British 5’8″ Stand-up comedian, TV producer and Actor. Did his mum ever get a bungalow?
Michael Mcintrye British 5’7″ Stand-up comedian, his ‘Comedy Roadshow’ was the springboard for many UK comedians
Nick Jenkins British 5’8″ Mr Moonpig.com’, Internet businessman and star in ‘Dragons Den’
Lionel Messi Argentinian 5’4″ Currently worlds best football player for Barcelona, had to take Human Growth just to get to 5’4″
Phil Collins British 5’6″ Singer & Musician, NOT the drummer from the Cadburys chocolate advert!
Dustin Hoffman American 5’6″ Actor, star of Rainman, Meet the Fockers etc.
Bob Hoskins British 5’5″ British Actor, also had a weird but fantastic role in Jamie T’s music video!
Al Pacino American 5’6″ “Say hello to my little friend”- Global superstar actor and the ultimate bad guy!
Niall Horran Irish 5’8″ One Direction band member and global superstar!
Dermot O’Leary British 5’7″ TV presenter, more recently the face & narrator of the X-Factor
Matt Edmondson British 5’7″ Radio presenter, TV presenter & comedian
Martin Luther King American 5’7″ Led the American Civil Rights Movement
Ghandi Indian 5’4″ Led India’s Independence movement from the British
Floyd Mayweather American 5’8″ Undefeated world champion Boxer, the richest boxer of all time and an awesome showman!
Naseem Hamed British 5’4″ 1990’s multiple world champion, once the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world
Michael Owen British 5’8″ Ex-premier league and England Footballer
Amir Khan British 5’8″ Olympic and boxing world champion
Robert Downey Jr. American 5’8″ Actor, known for Sherlock Holmes, Iron Man, Captain America
Mark Wahlberg American 5’7″ One time rapper, currently one of the biggest actors on the planet
Ben Stiller American 5’8″ Writer, producer, actor of over 50 films
Martin Freeman British 5’6″ Tim from ‘The Office’, also known for Bilbo Baggins in ‘The Hobbit’
Elijah Wood American 5’6″ Actor, played Frodo Baggins in ‘The lord of the rings’ trilogy
Uri Gagarin Russian 5’2″ The first man in space- The Shorter Guy was the first!
Martin Scorsese American 5’3″ Director of many amazing films such as Gangs of New York, Goodfellas & Taxi
Ed Sheeran British 5’8″ Global British singer songwriter, sold millions of albums worldwide





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