5 simple style tips for men- How to look taller

5 simple style tips for men- How to look taller 1. The easiest way to look taller - Stand up straight! It was only a few years ago at the age of 26, when I saw a photo of me that was taken side on, that I realised that my posture is absolutely terrible. I... Continue Reading →

Shorter Guy – Martin Freeman

There are certain things I look forward to each year. Such as the end of winter and that first warm day, golfing season (I am a fair weather golfer!), and my yearly obsession with watching back to back episodes of “The Office” (UK). After experiences of working in real offices, I love the way this... Continue Reading →

Ant and Dec style review

So as another series of ‘I’m a Celebrity- get me out of here’ or, ‘The Jungle’, as its more commonly known up North, is coming to an end for another year, I don’t think there has been a more apt time to speak about short guy fashionconsidering Ant & Dec are presenting! With Dec standing at 5’6”... Continue Reading →

Winter dog walking style tips

Twice a day (Sometimes three), every day, including Christmas day I walk our four legged friend. Every morning he wakes me up, hitting me in the head with his “you’ve had enough sleep now”, face. And everyday around 6pm he decides that the time is right to jump up at me until I give in,... Continue Reading →

Winter golfing fashion

Golf is a fickle game... particularly as an average amateur. I play with a handicap of 21, which means I am am only 21 shots from becoming a professional. Sounds so simple, right!? "To find a mans character, play golf with him" P.G Wodehouse It also means on an average golfing day, I usually par... Continue Reading →

Street Fashion

Welcome to Street Fashion; the corner of the site dedicated to on-the-street fashion, short celebrity reviews, guest blogging and Interviews. A big part of this section is dedicated to shorter guys (and gals) who I have bumped into whilst out and about and immediately admired something about them; be it something they are wearing or... Continue Reading →

Dating a short guy

Dating taller women- from a short guy’s perspective. There are a lot of articles online about dating short guys, some are humorous, some are informative, but mostly none are written by a short guy. You can read in my previous post what it is like from a tall female’s perspective, but today this is from... Continue Reading →

Dating a shorter guy

Dating a Shorter Guy An honest opinion from a tall woman’s perspective Dating a shorter guy is becoming more common nowadays, but such couples- taller girl, shorter guy- still attract a fair number of glances when they’re out. Sadly, there are still a lot of people who ridicule short guys and tall women dating. The... Continue Reading →

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